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The characteristics and approaches to co-teaching

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  1. Characteristics
    1. Two or more professionals with different primary areas of expertise
      1. Diverse but equivalent credentials
        1. Partners
        2. Joint delivery of instruction
          1. Diverse groups of students
            1. Struggling and excelling learners
              1. Partnered differentiated learning/teaching
              2. Shared Classroom Space
                1. A space for both teachers
                  1. A greater since of equality
              3. Approaches
                  1. One teaching, One observing
                    1. One educator teaches the lesson
                      1. One educator observes to discover and understand students' academic and social functioning
                    2. Station Teaching
                      1. Both teach
                        1. Each has his or her own portion of the lesson
                        2. Parallel Teaching
                          1. Teachers work with different groups of students on different content and come back together to discuss
                          2. Teaming
                            1. Both teachers responsible for lesson
                            2. One teaching, one assisting
                              1. One teacher teaches
                                1. The other teacher provides support
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