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Target Audience
  1. Age: 16-25, this is because at this age the audience can relate the most to the artist who is also around their age and is going through the same things they are. An audience that was older or younger than this age may not be able to relate themselves to the lyrics or be as familiar with the themes expressed in the song as well
    1. Gender: Primarily female, but the track may also appeal to males because the sound of the track is quite heavy in comparison to other tracks in this genre and the lyrics are relatable to all genders
      1. Life Stage: They will be GCSE, A-level and University students or people that are trying to find jobs or establishing what they want to do, they would be at a busy time in their lives such as moving away or starting a new job which may make them feel nervous or scared. This allows them to relate better to the lyrics in this genre that explore desperation and getting out of a tough situation
        1. Beliefs and Attitudes: Liberal, people who care about human rights who like to try new experiences, they value friendship and enjoy spending time with their friends. They would shop more alternatively and stay away from the mainstream. They would be a range of sexualities and care about equal rights across race and religion etc. They would be easy-going and
          1. Other Music They Might Like: Indie Pop artists such as Lorde, Lana Del Rey, Melanie Martinez and The 1975, they enjoy listening They may also listen to Indie Rock/Alternative artists, The Neighbourhood, Imagine Dragons and Twenty One Pilots.;
            1. Other Brands/ Products: Converse, Doc Martens, Vans, Hair dye, Jeffree Star, Urban Outfitters, Drop Dead Clothing and Topshop. They would be keen users of social media and would have accounts for Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.
              1. Hobbies and Interests: Our Target audience would like being social, e.g. going out with friends, they would be artistic and would enjoy a range of creative activities such as drawing, painting, singing or song writing. They would be a keen listener to music in general and would like listening to new smaller artists and bands and they would take time to go to concerts and/or gigs.
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