What Jews think about God

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What Jews think about God
  1. Creator
    1. He created everything
      1. He created the first people
        1. Adam and Eve
    2. Generous
      1. He gave us this world to live in
        1. He has shared life
      2. Jealous
        1. He want to keep all the knowledge to himself
        2. Person of Promise
          1. Noah and the ark
            1. He promised them a better place to come
          2. Righteous
            1. He wants people to follow a good path
            2. Mysterious
              1. Moses
                1. When asked who he was, he replied 'I am, who I am'
              2. Freedom
                1. He wanted to free his people from slavery in Egypt
                  1. A liberator
                2. One and only god
                  1. First Commandment
                    1. Monotheism
                    2. Father of all nations
                      1. Ruth and Boaz
                        1. Loves Foreigner
                          1. Israelites start to understand that God is the God of many nations
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