Transitional & Intermediate writing

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Transitional & Intermediate writing
1 Students can read and write a variety of genres more fluently
2 Can hear voice in their writing
3 writing is quite labored
4 Can read two and three syllable words when there is contextual support
5 able to work on longer pieces over many days
6 Write Single syllable words accurately
7 Move from full alphabetic phase to the consolidated alphabetic phase
8 Begin to recognize patterns and chunks to analyze unfamiliar words
9 Automatically know how to spell many words
10 can write with great speed and lessconscious attention
11 Can concentrate on ideas
12 start reading orally then become independent readers
13 Sight words begin to grow and student starts to decode words
14 Can discuss what they read
15 Exprees their ideas with greater sophistication
16 Found mostly in 2nd, 3rd, & early 4th grade
17 Begin using dictionaries on a regular basis to check word meaning
18 Are more confident & fluent in their writing
19 can revise their written work and can edit for spelling and punctuation
20 vocabulary is learned while reading
21 Learn how words combine (morphemic analysis)
22 Mostly found in 3rd to grade 8th
23 Have unabridged and online dictionaries for writing & understanding
24 EARLY - Blends, digraphs, short vowels, vowel patters in one syllable words, complex consonant units in one syllable words, MIDDLE - doubling & e-drop with inflectional endings, syllable juncture: open & closed, LATE - vowel patterens in accented syllables, unaccented final syllables
25 EARLY- Consonants, blends, digraphs, preconsonantal nasals, short vowels in CVC words, r - influenced cvc MIDDLE - common long vowel patterns LATE- long vowel patterens in one syllable words, r influenced vowel patterens
26 Actively involved in exploration of words
27 Spell known sight words correctly
28 EARLY - Errors when adding inflectional endings & are ready to learn "double, drop, or nothing"
29 MIDDLE - Errors with syllable junctures within words & with unaccented final syllables
30 LATE - they spell most words correctly & study prefixes and derivational suffixes
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