Chapter 7: Health, illness and medicine

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Chapter 7: Health, illness and medicine
1 Health inequalities
1.1 Patterns of health (vary according to social group)
1.1.1 Ethnicity
1.1.2 Social Class
1.1.3 Gender
1.1.4 Geographical location
1.1.5 Explanations for variations Artefact/statistical Cultural Structural
2 Mental Illness
2.1 Social Realism
2.1.1 causes of mental illness located in living experiences of oppressed groups: Ethnic minorities Women Poor
2.2 Social constructionism
2.2.1 Foucault - shift to rational thinking
2.2.2 Labelling Theory
3 The Medical professions
3.1 To whose benefit do they operate?
3.1.1 Men - the feminist approach
3.1.2 Themselves - Weberian approach
3.1.3 The ruling class - Marxist approach
3.1.4 For the increasing dispersal of power - Foucault
3.1.5 Society as a whole - the functionalist approach
4 Health service inequalities
4.1 Services delivered unequally to different groups
4.1.1 Social class
4.1.2 Age
4.1.3 Gender
4.1.4 Ethnicity Reasons for inequalities Supply reasons Differences in funding Priority given in prestige services Inefficiency of local NHS Ability to pay for private healthcare Demand reasons Lack of knowledge of the system Cultural barriers Ignorance of warning signs of ill health
5 Physical Illness
5.1 What is meant by 'normal' bodies and 'normal' functionality?
5.1.1 Disability as abnormal - stigma model
5.1.2 Disability as different - impairment model
5.1.3 Normal bodies as social construction as well as physical entities
5.2 Illness and health socially constructed
5.2.1 Traditional Models Based on mind/body explanations Linked to complementary medicine
5.2.2 Lay definitions Based on common sense Vary by culture, age, gender, etc

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