Commnication Services

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Email Safety Video Conferencing

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Commnication Services
1 Emails
1.1 Advantages
1.1.1 Easy Need very little training
1.1.2 Can send messages any time of day A carbon copy can be sent to people in the email Blind copies can be sent so people don't know who that person is Can be encrypted so they can send confidential information
1.2 Disadvanatges
1.2.1 Viruses can be attached to the email You have to know someone's email before sending them a message They can be intercepeted Some companies don't allow email attachments to be recieved You have to wait a while if they haven't opened it if someone gets hold of your email you can get cyberbullied or hacked
2 Safety
2.1 Don't open Unknown sites
2.2 Add a restriction service so children cant access inappropriate material
2.3 Don't intimidate people
2.4 Stay awayfrom Cyber bullying
2.5 Only use the internet for practical things
2.6 Don't publicise Your information
2.7 The problem with chatrooms is you don't know who your talking to
3 Video Conferencing
3.1 Advantages
3.1.1 You can talk to people in other countries Don't need to spend money travelling
3.1.2 You can see each other
3.1.3 View a document at the same time
3.2 Disadvantages
3.2.1 You don't get the human experience
3.2.2 People become lazy
3.2.3 People could be at different time zones around the world
3.2.4 You need a camera Both parties need the equipment and it can be expensive
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