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  1. identity is both personal and social
    1. it is a product of all the experiences you have had through socialisation, it is formed by family, peers, education, media etc
      1. often defined as how you see yourself,"self concept"
        1. apparently your identity is imoposed on you and failry fixed in relation to your gender ,class,age and ethnicity but others say it is more fluid and can be an active process .these days we construct our own identities ,we use media for ideas on who to be ,what we buy and wear
    2. gender is a social construct ,created to set labels ,norms and values to a person because of their biological sex.
      1. being male or female has a big impact on how you see yourself and how others see you&relate to you
        1. traditionlally there were clear ideas of what femininity and masculanity but today there are many ways to be a woman or be a man .gender identity is changing ,the women are seen &the expectations surrounding their appearance ,behaviour almost like they have been programmed to behaviour a certain way,same goes for maless
          1. feminists -=radical .gender equality does not exist argue that gender identity is socially constructed by patriarchal society,.the male dominated society creates and reinforces stereotypes of how males and females should be .the social institutions except from the family reinforce stereotypical expectations of gender roles
            1. functionalist -GRS-social guidance say male have an instrumental role in the family which is the breadwinner and protector, this is natural as a result of their physical strength but also reinforced through socialisation. whilst females have an expressive role in the family ,this is natural &based on their child bearing role but is reinforced by socialisation. collective consciousness
                1. Marxism -gender supports capitalism through GRS ,they want women to reproduce .popular and mass culture distract society from gender inequality
                  1. interactionism and gender :labelling theory gender roles are to be followed .labels could link to such aspects of one ,such as their abilities or sexuality
                    1. impression management :people are convinced that they must be on a persona to be accepted into society .fro females ,it is mainly makeup ,dress up etc.
                      1. looking glass self -women are persuaded by agencies of socilaisation that they must appeal in a certain way .
      2. age
        1. our identity is affected by how our ages makes us feel and people relate with us.
          1. the world is run by adults ,it is mostly youngers and olders whose identities are most negatively affected by their age ,normally due to lack of power and satuts
            1. age is often looked at chronogically as in stages in the life course but the problem is that the ages at which they start and end vary ,they can be seen as socially constructed .individuals also differ ,some keep their youth going for longer ,others seem old before their time
              1. postmodernists will look at trends such as anti ageing products and the extension of youth and childhood to show age is fluid and is becoming less significant now.
                1. feminism-society favours young looking women over aged women.
                  1. functionalism-age has no matter on social benefits
            2. culture is a way of life of a particular society
          2. sexuality
            1. feminists have pointed out the way women are portrayed through sexuality ,as sexual objects for men
              1. Marxism -society is distracted by popular culture
                1. functionalism -roles ensure that society running smoothly
                  1. postmodernism-media starts normalising homosexual relationships
              2. it is more significant for those who are not heterosexual ,e.g not many will say "i am heterosexual"in relation to their identity but say "i am gay"
                1. weeks -sexuality is more complex, people may or not participate in sexual activity with those they are attracted to.
                  1. rich-lesbian identity is erased ,it is seen as a threat to males or sexy.
                    1. McIntosh-homosexual males are given certain stereotypes on their characteristics {higher pitched voice ,increase in vanity
                2. income -CLASS -a group of people who share similar economic and social situation.
                  1. class identity can be seen as a product of socialisation ,family,education etc
                    1. 3 main classes in the UK:UPPER CLASS-those with inherited wealth&operate in social closure .MIDDLE CLASS-those who have professional or managerial careers.WORKING CLASS- manual workers and those with trades
                      1. feminism -women earn less and gain less power than men.
                        1. Marxism -society benefits rich and powerful ,
                          1. functionalism -society benefits everyone of all social classes.
                            1. postmodernism -modern life does not focus greatly on class status .
                      2. class is a social system used more often decades ago, that separated people due to the different class levels .
                    2. ethnicity
                        1. hybrid identity
                          1. mixture of two more more influences of identity ,nationality and ethinicity
                            1. "brasian"(black british) &"blasian"(black british) are labels to describe such hybrid identities
                              1. feminism-hybrid identities spread equality
                                1. Marxism-society benefits those wit the most power
                                  1. fuctionalism-roles should be kept to allow society to continue smoothly
                          2. relates to culture ,made up of our religion,language,skin colur etc .these affect who we are &how we see ourselves
                            1. national identity
                              1. an indidvidual has a national identity which is often expressed through supporting your national sport but also through pride in the anthem and language.
                                1. a national identity is socially constructed,though symbols and rituals
                                  1. others would argue that national identity will become less and less significant in todays globalised society,
                              2. feminism-supports equality of all females ,it shouldn't divide them
                                1. Marxism-conflict between people due to ethnicity is needed ,when there is equality.
                                  1. functionalism-society benefits all of any ethnicity
                                    1. postmodernism-equality is slowly improving
                            2. disability
                              1. feminism-females with disability are treated poorer than those who are able to
                                1. Marxism-conflict as being disabled is established as a medical problem ,clashes with the able
                                  1. functionalism- society can benefit the abled and the disabled
                                    1. postmodernism -disabled individuals becoming highly covered positively
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