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P2 U2 Motion


GCSE Science Mind Map on P2 U2 Motion, created by Abbie Edwards on 10/19/2015.
Abbie Edwards
Mind Map by Abbie Edwards, updated more than 1 year ago
Abbie Edwards
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P2 U2 Motion
  1. Distance-time graphs
    1. The gradient of the line on a distance-time graph represents an object's speed.
      1. The steeper the line on a distance-time graph, the greater the speed it represents.
        1. We can use graphs to help us describe the motion of an object.
          1. A distance-time graph shows the difference of an object from a starting point (y-axis) against time taken (x-axis)
            1. The speed of an object is the distance travelled each second
              1. The gradient of the line on a distance-time graph represents speed. The steeper the gradient, the greater the speed.
                1. If an object is stationary, the line on a distance-time graph is horizontal.
                  1. If an object is moving at a constant speed, the line on a distance-time graph is a straight line that slopes up.
                  2. Velocity and acceleration
                    1. The velocity of an object is its speed in a given direction.
                      1. If the object changes direction it changes velocity, even if its speed stays the same.
                        1. If the velocity of an object changes, we say that ut accelerates.
                          1. If the value calcualted for acceleration is negative, the body is decelerating (slowing down). A deceleration is the same as a negative acceleration.
                            1. Velocity-time graphs
                              1. Using graphs
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