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morphology and the lexicon word formation processes


This is a map of the word formation processes
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morphology and the lexicon word formation processes
  1. Affixation Words Structure
    1. Prefixes, or suffixes .1) SIMPLE : The word cannot be segmentate according to the meaning, words like: boy, hospital,hunter etc. 2) COMPLEX: The word can be segmentated into different parts , words like: hospital-ize, hospital-ize-ation etc.
    2. DerivationWord formation
      1. This is a process that changes the words, changes the category of the word. Examples: To fix (v), Fixable (adj), Penny(n), Pennyless (adj.), Happy (v), unhappiness (adj)
      2. Compounding and multicompounding words
        1. This is the creation of new words out of existing ones, independant words occur together to form a new compound word. Examples: red-skin, armchair, overdose, underarm etc.
        2. Other word formation processes
          1. 1)Blending:Process of combining two separate forms to produce a single term- Examples: Gasohol = Gasoline and alcohol
            1. 2) Clipping: It means cutting off the beginning or ending of a word ,or both, leaving a part to stand for a whole. Examples: lab,dorm, prof,exam,math etc.
              1. 3)Backformation:A word of one type is reduced to form another word of a different type, from noun to a verb. Examples: Television, televise, donate,donation, edit, editor etc.
                1. 4)Conversion: This is a change in the function of a word, a noun that becomes a verb with any reduction. Examples: access, to access, host, To host, salt, to salt. etc.
                  1. 5) Acronyms : They are words derived from the initials of several words. Examples: ONU,MIT,NATO etc.
                  2. Additional Formations
                    1. 1) Coinage: The invention of totally new names, invented trade names for commercial products that become general terms for any version of that product. Examples: Kleenex,Teflon,Google,
                      1. 2)Borrowings: It is a word or a phrase adopted from one language into another. Examples: software,piano, color, doctor,
                      2. Inflection
                        1. Morphological process that modifies a word´s form in order to make the grammatical subclass . This doesn´t change the grammatical category of the word , it changes the subclass. Examples. singular to plural, present to past, comparative to superlative, base dorm verb to 3rd person,
                        2. Compounds
                          1. This words have a head and a modifier, the head is on the right and the modifier on the left. Examples: Highchair, boyfriend.
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