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Microwave Notes


Notes over microwaving
Nickolas Forthof
Mind Map by Nickolas Forthof, updated more than 1 year ago
Nickolas Forthof
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Microwave Notes
  1. Advantages
    1. Warms up leftovers
      1. Defrosts meat
        1. Cooks food quickly with higher quality
        2. Acceptable dishes
          1. paper
            1. plastic
              1. glass
              2. Unacceptable dishes
                1. metal/gold and silver
                2. Never microwave
                  1. eggs in shells, pancakes, deep fried foods, canned foods
                  2. Techniques for Microwaving
                    1. Stirring, turning, standing time
                      1. Stir foods while they are cooking
                      2. Shielding, covering, arrange food in circular shape
                        1. Rotating, pricking, select foods of the same size
                        2. Cooking Tips
                          1. Never put metal or foil in the microwave
                            1. Foods can explode and also cause burns
                              1. Use potholders to avoid burns
                              2. Volume and density of food will vary cooking times
                                1. High fat content of cheese attracts microwaves so use less than 100% power when cooking
                                  1. The more food you cook, the less energy there is for the food to absorb
                                  2. How a microwave works
                                    1. Microwaves causes molecules in food to vibrate thus causing heat that cooks the food
                                      1. Microwaves heat bounces from side to side in the oven
                                        1. Microwaves have no heating element
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