Microwave Notes

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microwave notes in class

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Microwave Notes
  1. advantages
    1. Warming Up Leftovers is..
      1. faster
        1. retains nutrients
          1. tastes better
          2. defrosting meat
            1. turn food
              1. seperate the pieces
                1. let large items to stand for complete defrosting
                  1. use immediately
                  2. softens brown sugar
                    1. plumps raisins
                      1. freshens snacks and chips
                        1. eliminates extra oils and fats in preparing foods
                        2. dishes for microwaves
                          1. paper
                            1. plastic
                              1. glass
                                1. microwaveable dishes
                                2. unacceptable dishes
                                  1. metal
                                    1. dishes wild gold or silver on it
                                    2. cooking hints
                                      1. stirring
                                        1. turning over
                                          1. standing time
                                            1. shielding
                                              1. covering
                                                1. arrange in circular shape
                                                  1. rotating
                                                    1. pricking
                                                      1. select foods of same size
                                                      2. been around since 1945
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