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  1. Hybridization
    1. Hybridization in cultural form is when two cultures come together to form a new, unique mix of the previous two. They often have a combination of the previous traditions and religion, or they make a new society based on the knowledge from their ancestral peoples.
      1. Connection to identity Because the hybrid children have a new identity that is not the same as their parents, part of their identity is both of the cultures. Unlike the parents who most likely have just one set of traditions, that was passed down from their parents.Thats where globalization comes into effect, because without globalization this child would not exist. Without the parent who traveled there, and met their spouse. The child would not be there, and that new cultural community would not exist.
        1. Real Life Situation; The francophone are good example of a real life hybridization example. Since they are a cultural blend of both the voyageurs and the native cree women. The children of the two cultures took traits and traditions from both parents and created something unique and new.
        2. Acculturation
          1. When a culture borrows or adapts traits from another culture or culture merging after a long amount of contact.
            1. Real Life Situation An example is when the Japanese took on the clothing style from western civilization.
              1. Connection to Identity/Globalization The only way that this would be able to happen was if globalization existed. There would be no way to borrow a trait from another culture if there are no others around to borrow from. When a culture takes on another trait it effects the civilizations whole identity, and changes it. So all the people that had the customs and traditions, identities would be changed.
              2. Homogenization
                1. According to Merriam Webster dictionary the definition of Homogenization is ``to blend (diverse elements) into a uniform mixture’’
                  1. Real Life Example When the europeans came to Canada they forced the first nations to take on their culture. Making them adopt their traditions and customs, and told them to forget their own. They wanted to homogenize both their cultures.
                    1. Connection to Identity/Globalization When this happens to a culture it changes their identity. Because now that this has happened, their children will be taught to forget the old culture.They will only know that of the new traditions. Their identity will mostly be the new changes and not the older society of their people. This would be one of the downfalls of globalization, because it would cause there to be less diversity in the world. It would be the cause of a lost culture.
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