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Womens Fight


women had to fight for the right to vote and own money/property. This mind map is about their struggle with society.
Kristina Bowers
Mind Map by Kristina Bowers, updated more than 1 year ago
Kristina Bowers
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Womens Fight
  1. Susan B. Anthony/ Elizabeth Stanton
    1. July 19-20 1848 Stanton started the seneca falls convention
      1. 1850 Stanton and Anthony create a world changing friendship
        1. 1869 Stanton and Anthony created NWSA wyoming also gave women the right to vote
          1. 1880's both groups were struggling to stay afloat and making no progress in their movements
          2. Cult Of Domesticity
            1. Piety
              1. religion
              2. Domesticity
                1. home, job of woman to comfort men in all aspects
                2. Submissiveness
                  1. women are to submit and clothing were tight
                  2. Purity
                    1. womens virginity was a gift from god, womens job was to keep her man happy
                  3. Alice Paul
                    1. before 1912 she was a chair men in the NAWSA's
                      1. 1913 she created the NWP
                        1. 1917 picketted the white house
                          1. 1920 she was a huge reason the 19th amendment got passed
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