The War at Home

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War at Home

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The War at Home
2 Paying for war
2.1 Victory Bonds
2.1.1 Bonds that Canadians were encouraged to cash in when the war was over
2.2 All the new war techonologies and a great number of troops cause the war to be extremely expensive
2.3 income tax
2.3.1 suppose to be temporary but ended up being permanent.
2.3.2 well off individuals and families had to pay a tax of 3% of their income, companies and businesses had to pay a 4% tax
2.4 Loans
2.4.1 The tax Money was not enough and by 1819 Canada was in debt and had to borrow money from other countries such as USA
3 changing role of women
3.1 some women organized committees to send food and letters overseas
3.2 Many became involved I'm volunteer organizations such as red Gross
3.3 Canadas increased industrial protuction created a demand for labour jobs for women.
3.3.1 operating fishing boats
3.3.2 running prairie farms
3.4 suffrage
3.4.1 women were finally granted the ability to vote in 1918
4 propaganda
4.1 appeared in media like films, magazines, radio, speeches, and posters
4.2 encouraged people to join the army, buy bonds, use less fuel, eat less meat, and support the government
4.3 The Huns
4.3.1 Writers used stories to portray German Troops as "The Huns", a horde of barbarians with intent to destroy the civilized world when German U boat sank the Luistania in 1915, angry mobs attacked the innocent German businesses Residents from Berlin, Ontario faced criticism because the town bore the same name as Germany's capitol
4.4 often distorts the truth
5 Halifax disaster
5.1 December 6, 1917
5.2 Mont-Blanc( french vessel) was hit by another ship
5.2.1 Hit so hard that it destroyed Halifax's Harbour and some of the city
5.3 Between 2000-3000 people died
5.3.1 more than 10000 injured
6 conscription crisis
6.1 compulsory enlistment for military service
6.2 The Military Service Act was a bill that made enlisment compulsory.
6.3 The act allowed exceptions such as , the disabled, the clergy, those with essential jobs, and conscientious objectors
6.3.1 conscientious objectors are those who did not believe in the war in terms of religion
6.4 very controversial issue that divided the country
6.5 lowest levels of recruitment from Quebec
6.5.1 Henri Bourassa argued that Canada had already spent enough money and lost enough men. He also believed that it would divided the nation, which it did
6.6 people such as farmers also were opposed to this because they needed their sons and workers to do farm work.
7 canadas most divisive election
7.1 Borden decided to call an election over the issue of conscription and he passed two new laws
7.1.1 military voters act allowed women and men serving overseas to vote
7.1.2 Wartime Elections Act gave the vote to all canadian women directly related to servicemen
7.2 Borden invited the Liberals to join him in forming a wartime Union Government
7.2.1 These Liberals were offered Cabinet positions as incentive to join the government.
7.2.2 The Union Govt. won the election but the anger was still there
7.3 tensions finally erupted in Quebec City during the Easter weekend of 1918
7.3.1 4 demonstrators were shot dead by soldiers and 10 soldiers were injured.
8 Canadian Economy
8.1 was in ecoonmic recession
8.2 Prime Minister Borden replaced the Shell committee with the Imperial Munitions Board.
8.2.1 munitions factories started building ships and airplanes high demand for product created hundreds of thousand jobs
8.3 resources such as lumber, nickel, copper,and lead were in high demand.
8.3.1 caused these goods to be scarce in Canada and prices became much higher Businesses made a ton of money from inflated prices caused demand for high pay from workers.
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