Impact of Businesses

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Impact of Businesses
    1. Positive Impacts
      1. Automated sorting
        1. Compost and Recycling
          1. Online Transactions: cutting solid waste
            1. Increase in Greener communities
              1. Less gases used
                1. Increase in greener community efforts
                  1. Publicity
                  2. Certain companies provoke "green" behaviour
                  3. Negative Impacts
                    1. Lights
                      1. Light Pollutions
                        1. Competitive Prices
                          1. Electricity
                        2. Building Materials
                          1. A lot of waste
                            1. Do not degrade
                            2. Heating and Cooling
                              1. A lot of waste especially for big buildiings
                                1. Factories create green house gases
                              2. Rush Hour
                                1. Emissions
                                2. Lack of Regulation
                                  1. Less Safety
                                    1. Toxic Waste
                                      1. Property Regulations
                                      2. Large amount of electricity is used to power electronics
                                    2. Economical Responsibility
                                      1. Positive Impacts
                                        1. Many methods of distribution
                                          1. GDP benefits from productivity
                                            1. Free Market
                                              1. Wealth disparity in Society
                                                1. Oppurtunities to make money
                                                2. Creative Employment
                                                3. Negative Impacts
                                                  1. Highly Competitive
                                                    1. Greater affect on economy if mistakes are made
                                                      1. Possible of Recession
                                                        1. Value of dollar goes down
                                                          1. adverse affect as economy within and external partners
                                                        2. Opposing countries imports can affect one's product cost
                                                      2. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY
                                                        1. Positive Impacts
                                                          1. Companies portraying fair trade
                                                            1. For preventing human rights harms, whilst ensuring that adequate remedles are available when abuses occur.
                                                              1. Improved standards of life
                                                                1. In courage innovation
                                                                2. Negative Impacts
                                                                  1. Child labour
                                                                    1. [hysical and Mental abuse
                                                                      1. Corruption in Business
                                                                        1. The rich could basically keep getting richer
                                                                          1. Slavery occurs in business
                                                                            1. Small population holds most of the wealth
                                                                              1. Dependency
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