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We made a mind map to showcase how business has affects on the world

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  1. Environmental
    1. Negative
      1. Cause of rush hour traffic jams.
        1. Heavy Air Emissions
          1. Noise pollution
          2. Many buildings are built from non-renewable materials
            1. Use massive amounts of electricity.
            2. Often use unethical ways which take a toll on the environment
              1. pesticide use
            3. Positive
              1. Large enough influence businesses can sway others to turn to a more eco-friendly building
                1. Bank of America
                  1. General Electric
                    1. Dupont
                      1. McDonalds
                      2. Promotes mostly online transactions
                        1. Depending on location, it could create more convenient jobs
                      3. Economical
                        1. Negative
                          1. Larger Businesses often don’t allow much room for competition from smaller businesses, therefore killing them off
                            1. McDonalds
                              1. Subway
                                1. Taco Bell
                                2. The bankruptcy of a big company layoffs employees and can start a recession
                                  1. Walmart
                                    1. Costco
                                  2. Positive
                                    1. Money can be used to further improve the community in a variety of way
                                      1. Schools
                                        1. Roads
                                          1. Water
                                            1. Infastructure
                                            2. Potentially entices people to move to different areas due to jobs or other goods and services offered
                                              1. Mississauga- Toronto
                                                1. Saskatoon-Wheat Farming
                                                  1. Oil Sands- Alberta
                                                  2. Creates Jobs which in turn creates more avenues for taxable income for the community.
                                                2. Social
                                                  1. Negative
                                                    1. Businesses often exploit child labor
                                                      1. working regulations in other countries to get their products made cheaper.
                                                        1. NIKE
                                                          1. Reebok
                                                            1. Forever 21
                                                              1. Adidas
                                                                1. Joe Fresh
                                                            2. Postive
                                                              1. Can also often use position to broadcast messages to society.
                                                                1. United Colors of Benneton
                                                                  1. United colors of Benetton their ads on taboo topics
                                                                  2. Cooperatives sell products and help others.
                                                                    1. An example is Cafe Feminino selling coffee to help underpaid coffee harvesters.
                                                                      1. Cafe Femino
                                                                        1. AMUL
                                                                          1. Ontario Natural Food Co-Op
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