Developing business relationships

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Relationship between buyers and sellers can vary from single time transactions to long-term relationships. These two approaches represent different points of view in the buyer-seller interactions.

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Developing business relationships
  1. Relationship between buyers and sellers
    1. Transaction based
      1. Focused on making the sale.
        1. The manufacturers don’t take the time to build a relationship.
      2. Relationship based
        1. Focused on long-lasting relationships
          1. It must infiltrate every level of contact with a current or potential customer, from the sales staff to point-of-sale displays to customer service representatives
      3. Relationship building
        1. Awareness--The company and the client must identify and qualify the potential outcomes and prospects of the relationship.
          1. Exploration—The Company and the client must analyze the costs and benefits of collaborating with each other, in order to satisfy their needs and capabilities.
            1. Expansion--The relationship between the company and the client deepens.
              1. Commitment—Both parties deepen their relationship by sharing information, goals, interests, etc.. Focus on achieving mutual benefits.
                1. Dissolution- This phase may or may not occur. If it occurs the relationship between the parties is over.
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