Sociolisation: Religion

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socialisation: Religion

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Sociolisation: Religion
  1. Religion in Society
    1. Religion is becoming more of a personal choice, rather than an influence
      1. It is argued that religion in the UK is undergoing secularisation (becoming less religious)
        1. Crocket (2005) studies the concept of believing in a religion and belonging to a religion. Crocket concluded there is a strong relationship between belief and belonging to a religious organisation.
        2. Religion as an agent of Socialisation
          1. Written rules, in books such as the Bible and the Quran, promote different moral codes and values in society.
            1. An example may be Jewish people not eating pork.
            2. Different religions have different figures of authority who they worship and acts as a role model for their followers.
              1. An example may be christians believing in god.
            3. Primary and Secondary Influences
              1. Primary Socialisation is when religion is established from your family.
                1. Secondary Socialisation is when the individual chooses their own religious views - these can be challenged by cultural diversity
                2. Theory and Religion
                  1. Functionalists
                    1. Durkheim (1921) thinks a major function of religion is to socialize society's members into value consensus
                      1. e.g. influencing them with different religious symbols
                    2. Marxists
                      1. Describes religion as an ideological apparatus - this reflects the ruling-class ideas and interests
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