Why Hitler was not opposed over the Night of the Long Knives

Edward Trigle
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Edward Trigle
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Mind Map on Why Hitler was not opposed over the Night of the Long Knives, created by Edward Trigle on 11/24/2013.

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Why Hitler was not opposed over the Night of the Long Knives
  1. Potential Oppostion
    1. SA
      1. Now had no leaders
        1. Poorly tained
          1. Not well orgainised
          2. People (Popular Revolt)
            1. Intimidated by this audacious act
              1. Many thought of them as respectable
                1. Disliked Rohm and SA
                  1. No other party to turn to
                  2. Other Politicians and Parties
                    1. Von Papen under house arrest
                      1. One party state
                        1. No organised legal opposition
                        2. Communists banned
                        3. Hindenburg
                          1. Old and Frail
                            1. Disliked Rohm and SA
                              1. Wanted stability
                            2. Placating others
                              1. Army
                                1. Best trained fighting force in Germany
                                  1. Saw SA as a threat and despised them
                                    1. No more Rohm
                                    2. Conservatives and Elite
                                      1. Left-wing Rohm gone
                                        1. Rohm was not liked by the elite
                                          1. Hitler was showing himself as a strong leader
                                          2. Hindenburg
                                            1. Pleased with Hitler "Nipping treason in the bud"
                                              1. Even sent Hitler a telegram
                                                1. Feared Communism and socialists more than a Stable government under the little Bohemian corporal
                                                2. Other Nazis
                                                  1. Goebbels, Himmler and Goering all hated Rohm
                                                    1. Rohm disliked for his more Socialist ideals
                                                  2. Respectability & Maneuvering
                                                    1. People
                                                      1. Happy with most measures
                                                        1. Disliked SA intimidation
                                                          1. Glad to be rid of Rohm
                                                          2. Propaganda
                                                            1. Hitler shown to be righteous
                                                              1. Good riddance of Rohm
                                                                1. Taking out the disreputable members of the Nazi Party
                                                                  1. More respectable people in the party
                                                                  2. Rohm shown to be an embarrassment both to the Nazis and Germany
                                                                  3. No more SA
                                                                    1. SA resented by upper classes as thugs
                                                                      1. Rid Hitler of a powerful force
                                                                        1. 2 million members of the SA
                                                                          1. Biggest armed force in Germany
                                                                            1. Could potentially unseat Hitler if Rohm so wished
                                                                            2. Intimidation in this way had failed to work in elections
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