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review of ch. 7-Film, for mass comm test #2
Madeline Smith
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Madeline Smith
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  1. Birth of a Nation-the first silent feature film
    1. era of silent films: (1894–1929)
      1. died out soon after the introduction of sound into film
        1. silent film stars: Charlie Chaplin, Rudolph Valentino, Lillian Gish
      2. The Jazz Singer- the first talkie
        1. modern special effects are traced back to King King (1933)
          1. Star Wars (1977) revolutionized digital special effects
            1. Toy Story (1995)-first full length computer animated hit film
              1. major film production companies today: Columbia, Fox, MGM, Paramount, Universal (Comcast), Warner Brothers, Buena Vista (Disney), and TriStar (Sony)
                1. major studios invest an average of $66 million per film, plus $36 million in advertising
                2. The Hero's Journey
                  1. ACT I: The hero and the problem facing the hero are introduced
                    1. The Ordinary World
                      1. The Call To Adventure
                        1. The Refusal of the Call
                          1. The Mentor
                            1. Crossing the First Threshold
                    2. ACT II: The hero responds to the problem
                      1. Tests, Allies and Enemies
                        1. Approach to the Inmost Cave
                          1. The Supreme Ordeal
                      2. ACT III: Through the hero’s actions, the problem is resolved
                        1. The Reward
                          1. The Road Back
                            1. Resurrection
                              1. The Return with the Elixir
                        2. Star Wars is the greatest example of the hero's journey
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