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RF Frequencies


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RF Frequencies
  1. Very low Frequency
    1. 3 KHZ to 3MHZ
      1. VLF,LF,MF,
        1. Very long-range communication (ships at sea, and so forth), commercial AM radio. Ground waves circle the Earth.
        2. High frequency
          1. 3 to 30 MHz
            1. HF
              1. Over-the-horizon communication, Signals reflect from ionosphere.
              2. Very high frequency
                1. 30 to 300 MHz
                  1. VHF
                    1. Mobile communication, TV, and commercial FM radio. Line-of-sight required.
                    2. Ultra high frequency
                      1. 300 HZ to 1 GH
                        1. UHF
                          1. Mobile communication and TV. Line-of-sight required.
                          2. Microwave
                            1. 1 to 30 GHz
                              1. MH
                                1. TV and telephone links, satellite links. Line-of-sight required.
                                2. Millimeter wave:
                                  1. 30 to 100 GHz
                                    1. MMW
                                      1. Very short-range communication. Requires line-of-sight, high absorption in rain and fog.
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