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Health Belief Model: Becker


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Health Belief Model: Becker
  1. Aim
    1. to uses the HBM to explain mothers adherence to a drug regimen for their asthmatic children
    2. Methodology
      1. correlation between beliefs reported during interviews and compliance with self reported administration of medication
        1. blood test also used to test level of medication; this confirmed the validity of the mothers' answers in interview
        2. Participants
          1. 111 mothers responsible for administrating medication. Aged 17-54.
            1. children aged from 9 months to 17 years
            2. Design
              1. correlational
              2. Procedure
                1. each mother interviewed for 45 mins; asked questions about their perception of child's susceptibility to illness and asthma, their beliefs about how serious asthma is, how much their child's asthma interfered with education, caused embarrassment and interfered with mother's activities. Also questioned about their faith in doctors and effectiveness of medication
                2. Findings
                  1. positive correlation between mothers belief about child's susceptibility to asthma attacks and compliance with medical regimen
                    1. positive correlation between mother's perception of child having serious asthma condition and her administrating medication
                      1. costs which negative correlated with compliance were disruption of daily activities, inaccessibility of chemists, child complaining about medication and prescribed schedule
                        1. 2 demographic variables correlated with compliance were marital status and education
                        2. Conclusion
                          1. HBM is a useful model to predict and explain different levels of compliance with medical regimens
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