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Mind Map on ISIS, created by Brooke Vermeys on 10/22/2015.
Brooke Vermeys
Mind Map by Brooke Vermeys, updated more than 1 year ago
Brooke Vermeys
Created by Brooke Vermeys over 6 years ago

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  1. Why are they destroying historical objects?
    1. They wanted to show power and letting us know they aren't scared.
      1. They don't believe that anything before them which would be before 1999, It's a false idol to them.
        1. The Mosul Museum is the second most important museum in Iraq, ISIS took drills and hammers to the objects
          1. It's a wish to destroy a culture that is made up together.
            1. Cultural Diversity
              1. They want to destroy the other religions
              2. ISIS destroying shrines
                1. Destructing the tomb
                  1. Destroying sculptures
                    1. Why is this important?
                      1. It's important for us today because there's a lot of bad thing going on in the world and I feel like we should be educated on it so we are aware of it.
                      2. Where ISIS is located and the land controlled by them
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