The Sign Of Four

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The Sign Of Four
  1. Miss Mary Morstan
    1. Captin Morstan is the father of Miss Mary Morstan
      1. Captin Morstan was in the Indian Army and he worked along side with Major Sholto.
        1. Major Sholto has two sons Thaddeus and Bartholomew. But Bartholomew is dead because he was shot with a poisen dart it was shot by Tonga
          1. Tonga works with Jonathan Small. But Tonga was shot and fell in the Thames
            1. Jonathan has a wooden leg cause a cordile bite his leg off
              1. When he was in India he meets 3 more Indian people and they call themselve The Sign Of Four
                1. They killed major sholto to get treasure and wrote sign of four on his bed
              2. Tonga is from the Andaman Islands and people think he is a cannibal.
        2. Dr Watson is in love Miss Mary Morstan
          1. Watson was in army not any more
            1. Sherlock tells Watson to get Toby to help with the mystery and Sherlock pays homeless people to help him
          2. Miss Mary Morstan recieves a pearl every year and they cost money
          3. Sherlock Holmes
            1. They are best friends and they live in the same house so this means they are house mates
              1. He lives at Baker Street in London he is very good at deducating he takes drugs. He takes them because he feels more lively and he can use his more skills correctly.
                1. He plays the viloin
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