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  1. 60 minutes, 60 questions.
    1. Calculators are allowed.
      1. 5 answer choices.
        1. Basic problem: simple algebra.
          1. Word problem
          2. All stuff in highschool
            1. 14 pre-algebra.
              1. 10 elementary algebra
              2. Answer easy questions first
                1. Use target score to determine pacing
                  1. Always try to eliminate wrong answers.
                    1. Know PEMDAS
                      1. Use your calculator correctly.
                        1. What is x, is is =, and of is multiplication.
                      2. percent increase/decrease is tested.
                        1. amount changed over amount started with.
                          1. Only 3-4 scary plug in problems.
                            1. Proportions are an equation that says 2 ratios are =
                              1. Can cross multiply & they'll be =.
                                1. Make equivilent parts the same unit.
                                  1. average: sum of terms divided by amount of things.
                                    1. There are a couple of ways to solve a problem.
                            2. Inequalities state that one side is bigger than the other.
                              1. Remember the alligator when doing inequality problems.
                      3. Choose your own numbers and plug them in for variables.
                        1. working backwards is a good problem solving strategy
                          1. Avoid misfits when guessing.
                            1. All diagrams are drawn to scale so you can eyeball them
                              1. Never pick an answer that repeats a number in the problem.
                              2. solving systems: 2 diff. ='s with 2 diff variables.
                                1. Can substitute or combine.
                                  1. Simplify fractions.
                              3. 10 inequalities.
                                1. Intermediate algebra: solving quadratic ='s, & solving systems of ='s. There are 9.
                                  1. Quadratic =: calculator will do it for you if you set it up.
                                    1. Have to set the = to 0 to factor.
                                      1. Geometry is a quarter of the test.
                                        1. Lines and angles: angles + up to 180. Vertical angles are congruent.
                                          1. Area of triangle= b(h)/2
                                            1. 3 angles of a triangles= 180, all 3 sides + = perimeter.
                                          2. When 2 parallel lines are cut by a transversal, neat things happen.
                                          3. Similar triangles have = angles and proportional sides.
                                            1. Right triangle, 1 angle ='s 90.
                                              1. Pythagorean theorem.
                                                1. 45-45-90, commonly tested.
                                                  1. Trigonometry: fundamental counting principal, matrices, equation of a circle, and area of parallelogram.
                                      2. Intermediate algebra 9
                                        1. Plane geometry 14
                                          1. 9 coordinate geometry
                                            1. 4 trigonometry.
                                              1. Elementary algebra: sub. variable, simplify =, solving linear equations, & inequalities.
                                                1. Combine like terms when you can.
                                    2. The problems are really straights foward
                                      1. Know the instructions ahead of time.
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