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Decision Support System


Razgos básicos de un DSS
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Decision Support System
  1. Problem:
    1. DSS model for various funcionalities specifically for maintaining attendance by computerized methods and generating reports for top and middle level management
    2. Concept:
      1. A Decision Support System (DSS) is an interactive, flexible, and adaptable computer based information system that utilizes decision rules, models, and model base coupled with a comprehensive database and the decision maker’s own insights, leading to specific, implementable decisions in solving problems that would not be amenable to management science models.
      2. Characteristics
        1. Handlelarge amounts of data like database searches
          1. Obtain and process data from different sources
            1. Provide report and presentation flexibility
              1. Have both textual and graphical orientation like charts, trend lines, tables and more
                1. Perform complex, sophisticated analysis and comparisons using advanced software packages
                  1. Perform "what-if" and goal-seeking analysis
                  2. Capabilities
                    1. Support for problem-solving phases
                      1. Support for different decision frequencies that range from one-of-a-kind
                        1. One-of-a-kind decisions are handled by an ad hoc DSS
                          1. Repetitive decisions are handled by institutional DSS
                            1. Support for different problem structures ranging
                              1. Support for various decision-making levels
                              2. Components
                                1. Data Management subsystem
                                  1. Model Management subsystem
                                    1. Knowledge-based Management subsystem
                                      1. User Interface subsystem
                                      2. Design and development
                                        1. Prototype method
                                          1. Life cycle approach
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