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5 years old


mind map about 5 year olds
Hamda Alfalasi
Mind Map by Hamda Alfalasi, updated more than 1 year ago
Hamda Alfalasi
Created by Hamda Alfalasi over 6 years ago

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5 years old
  1. physical
    1. gross motor
      1. increased agility
        1. show good balance
          1. show good co-ordination
            1. bend at waist and touch toes without bending knees
              1. hop 2-3m forward on each foot seperatly
                1. use variety of play equipment
                2. fine mototr
                  1. use knife and fork competently
                    1. copy elaborate models
                      1. thread large eyed needle and sew large stiches
                        1. draw a person with a head, body, arms, legs, nose, mouth and eyes
                          1. good control over pencils and paint brushes
                            1. can construct elaborate
                              1. copy square and triangle
                                1. can copy the letters v,t,h,o,x,l,a,c,u and y
                                  1. count the fingers on one hand using the index finger of the other
                                    1. can do jigsaw puzzles
                                    2. sensory
                                      1. can match ten or twelve colors
                                    3. emotional
                                      1. dress and undress alone
                                        1. choose their own friends
                                          1. enjoy caring for pets
                                            1. show sympathy and comfort friends who are hurt
                                              1. amuse themselves for longer periods of time
                                                1. definate likes and dislikes with little apparent logic
                                                2. cognitive/ language
                                                  1. produce drawing with good detail
                                                    1. ask about abstract words
                                                      1. can give their full name, age,address, and birthday
                                                        1. interested in reading and writing
                                                          1. recognize their name and attempt writing it
                                                            1. talk about past,present and future
                                                              1. fluent in speech and correct grammar
                                                                1. love to be read stories and will act in detail later
                                                                  1. enjoy jokes and riddles
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