Advantages & Disadvantages of eBooks

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Advantages & Disadvantages of eBooks
  1. +
    1. Physical things
      1. never lose your page (mention two physical types of bookmarks and their problems)
        1. not heavy (college and high school students benefit)
          1. never lose your book (no fees for being late or lost)
            1. can't rip pages
              1. treeless and inkless
                1. "durability": no yellowing of pages, stains, etc.
                  1. if the physical copy is lost it may be available online
                    1. automatic bookmarks
                      1. easy to read in dark
                      2. Money $$$
                        1. "cheaper" to produce and buy
                        2. Convenience
                          1. don't have to flip pages
                            1. have other tabs and music, etc. open
                              1. adjustable text size, colors, brightness
                                1. eBooks can be read by computer
                              2. -
                                1. Physical things
                                  1. battery power needed, a charge, a cord, a full battery
                                    1. strain on eyes
                                      1. must have a device
                                        1. you cannot read in very cold or moist conditions
                                          1. can't loan out the book same way as a physical book
                                            1. can't get an autographed copy
                                              1. new book smell, old book smell
                                                1. feeling the pages, the cover
                                                  1. real pages that are rough or gold-coated
                                                    1. 3D covers
                                                      1. PERSONAL ANECDOTE: Ology series (a quill was with book, envelopes)
                                                        1. flaps, moving parts to page, coloring, note taking, stickers
                                                          1. hard to read in the sun
                                                          2. Money $$$
                                                            1. lost device is expensive
                                                              1. used books are cheaper but there are no used eBooks
                                                            2. Emotional aspects
                                                              1. "nostalgia"
                                                                1. a book that's been in the family for years
                                                                  1. a book you had as a child
                                                                    1. memories of a flashlight under the covers
                                                                    2. feel / smell of a book might be a memory
                                                                      1. a book with someone's handwriting in it
                                                                    3. Quotes from The Writers' House UK Team
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