Ch 3: Values and the Helping Relationship

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Chapters 3, 5, 6

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Ch 3: Values and the Helping Relationship
  1. Clarifying your Values and their Role in your work
    1. Assumptions
      1. Core Beliefs
        1. Values
          1. Attitudes
            1. What is my position on this issue?
              1. Where did I develop my views?
                1. Am I open to being challenged?
                2. Would I self-disclose my values? Why?
                  1. Do my values respect my clients right to self-determination?
      2. Imposing Values on Clients
        1. Facilitator has the obligation to prevent peers from imposing values on other members in group
          1. Actively or passively
            1. self-disclosure of higher power
          2. Appropriate Referrals to another Counseler
            1. Discriminatory Referrals
              1. Court Cases
                1. Ward vs. EMU
                  1. Keeton vs ASU
                  2. What skills am I lacking
                    1. What would ethically justify a referral?
                  3. Counselor lacks skills to address issue
                  4. Supervision and Values
                    1. Value Conflicts
                      1. Sexual Attitudes
                        1. Abortion
                          1. Spirituality
                            1. End of Life Decisions
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