What is an Effective Global Knowledge Program?

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What is an Effective Global Knowledge Program?
  1. Teach Directions and Rules
    1. A meeting place
      1. Begin the day on an intellectual stamine
        1. Teach kids how to think critical
          1. teach team work
            1. Learn how to give feedback
              1. Promotes Educational Growth
            2. Learn how to communicate with others
              1. Learn how to take turns
                1. Promote life skills in becoming a good citizen
        2. Technological connected
          1. Connecting and Collaborating with others
            1. Locating and using a variety of resources
              1. Must have a global mindset
          2. Understanding interconnectedness
            1. Add prior knowledge
              1. Encompass Citizenship
                1. Local
                  1. Teacher
                    1. Movitor
                      1. faciliator
                        1. organizer
                        2. Foreign Languages
                          1. Cultural Intelligence Multildispincary
                            1. interactive within class
                              1. Accross Culture
                      2. Authentic outcome
                        1. national
                          1. world
                            1. Creative Care
                              1. Acknowledge Perce
                          2. Acknowledge perceptions
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