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mental map of my training plan

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My training plan
  1. PLC
    1. Programmable Logic Controller is primarily used in industry to automate electromechanical, such as control of machinery on factory assembly lines or processes rides
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    2. Programming
      1. The programming part is essential in the industry allows us to configure and connect systems in different types of industrial networks, programming with a database can measure the efficiency of a system so it allows us to manage an inventory that can be updated every second and you can follow up from mobile device.
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      2. Database
        1. It provide us the history of each machine, it also provide production is done per day or per year.
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        2. Automation
          1. The combination of electronics, mechanics and control allows us to run a business without the need for human resources involved in the production process, this gives us more safety and efficiency.
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          2. Robotics
            1. Robotics is an essential part of the automation in the industry engaged in the design, construction, operation, structural disposition, manufacture of products
            2. Control
              1. It is what allows us to stabilize our system is the essential part of the robots and industrial machinery either presicion or constant use, allows us to calibrate the system without human intervention.
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              2. Mechanism
                1. To design any type of system knowledge about mechanisms are needed as this gives us the specifications under what conditions can be used or how much load can be implemented, also it indicates the type of material have to be used in the system for its mechanical characteristics.
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                2. Material
                  1. Material provides strength, durability and robustness to your system allows you to manage, create and measure the product, hence the importance of the certification of materials that allows us to handle certain types of products.
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                  2. Renewable Energy
                    1. Today it has become an essential part of an engineer's use of renewable energy due to drastic climate change is seen in the world, the ethics of each human being should promote the use and creation of this type of energy
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                    2. Teamwork
                      1. Because as mechatronics engineer must be in contact with other diviciones in order that all can work in sync, also because when some problem arise needsthe attention of all the team for the project can evolve
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