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A mind map of Cryptosporiosis a water bourne disease.

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1 Causative Organism
1.1 Cryptosporidium
2 Incubation Period
2.1 1 to 12 days
3 Controls & Prevention
3.1 Controls
3.1.1 Cases treated with re-hydration
3.1.2 Exclude Symptomatic from food handling or medical work until asymptomatic
3.1.3 Avoid swimming in public pools for 2 weeks after diarrhoea has stopped
3.2 Prevention
3.2.1 Encourage good personal hygiene, especially following contact with animals or infected persons
3.2.2 Filter or boil contaminated drinking water
4 Period of Communicability
4.1 May be infectious for as long as oocysts are present in stool
4.2 Asymptomatic excretion may persist for several weeks after symptoms resolve
5 Mode of Transmission
5.1 Faecal-Oral
6 Signs & Symptoms
6.1 Watery Diarrhoea
6.2 Nausea
6.3 Vommitting
6.4 Abdominal Pain
6.5 Dehydration
6.6 Lack of Appetite
6.7 Fever
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