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legislation mind map

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1 The Data Protection Act
1.1 Designed to protect our privacy.
1.2 Requires companies to:
1.2.1 To keep data secure
1.2.2 Not to ask for more data than necessary
1.2.3 Not to keep data any longer than necessary
1.2.4 to keep data accurate and up to date
1.2.5 Not to use data for any other purpose with our consent
1.3 Made in 1998
2 Computer Misuse Act
2.1 Also designed to protect our privacy
2.2 It was created becasue it is now easier to remotely log into a network or someones computer to steal or corrupt data
2.3 3 levels of crime
3 Your protection rights
3.1 The right to look at and check any personal data an organisation holds about you
3.1.1 However the organisation can charge you to access this data
3.2 You can demand that incorrect information is amended
3.3 You can demand that the data is not used in any way that could harm or distress you
3.4 You can demand that your data is not used for direct marketing

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