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Norm Referenced Test


iniciated tests but not finishe
Rudy Soto Tubac
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Rudy Soto Tubac
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Norm Referenced Test
  1. Criterion referenced Test
    1. No students' comparison
      1. Requires students to fullfill set of criteria
        1. Students know what can they do
        2. Students know exactly what to study
        3. Domain-Referenced Test
          1. Domain is the particular field or area of the subject that is being tested
            1. Clear and fully
              1. It careful has attention to sampling procedures
              2. The full depth and breadth of the content are established
              3. Students achivement relative to other students' achievement
                1. Standarized Tests
                  1. It reflect how well students do tasks
                    1. Variability or range is less important here
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