Debates of the Constitution

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Debates of the Constitution

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Debates of the Constitution
  1. Representation
    1. They were debating how each state would be represented in the new government and how that government would be run.
      1. Virginia Plan
        1. They wanted three different branches of government; Legislature (with two houses), Judicial, and Executive. States would be represented based on how many people lived there. James Madison and Edmund Randolph supported this plan.
          1. Resolution: The Great Compromise
            1. They built off of Roger Sherman from Connecticut's plan. They kept most of the Virginia Plan, but incorporated some ideas from the New Jersey plan. They made three branches. The Legislative Branch had two houses. The House of Representatives was based on population. The Senate had equal representation.
        2. New Jersey Plan
          1. They wanted to keep the Articles of Confederation but have one house. They wanted equal representation for each state. They were worried that all of the big states would have more power than them. William Paterson and Jonathan Dayton supported this plan,
            1. Resolution: The Great Compromise
      2. Counting Slaves
        1. They were debating if slaves should count as people when determining how many representatives each state got.
          1. Southerners
            1. Southerners wanted lots of people so they could have more representatives in the House of Representatives. If they counted slaves as people who lived there they would have a much higher population. Therefore, they would get more representatives. Pierce Butler and John Rutledge supported it.
            2. Northerners
              1. The Northerners were confused about the southerners' idea. The people in the south treated slaves like property. The Northerners wondered why they would get to count as a person if they weren't treated like one. A man named Morris said that if they counted as a person then they should be made into citizens and get to vote. Roger Sherman and Oliver Ellsworth supported it.
                1. Resolution: The Three Fifths Compromise
                  1. They decided to count slaves as three fifths of a person when they figured out the population of each state to see how many representatives they would get.
          2. Electing the Executive
            1. They weren't sure who should elect their new leader.
              1. Congress
                1. The Congress would be educated enough to decide who the president was. However, they could just vote for themselves even if they weren't the best choice.
                2. The People
                  1. The people would be well represented if they got to vote, but many of them weren't very educated. The Convention was worried that they wouldn't be able to make a wise decision on who to vote for.
                  2. Special Group of Electors
                    1. Since a lot of people weren't educated, they could choose somebody who was educated to vote for them.
                      1. Resolution: The Electoral College
                        1. Special electors were chosen to vote for the people. Each state would get the same amount of electors as they did Congressmen. Each state got to decide how to elect these electoral college voters. The person who received the most votes in the state got most of that state's electoral votes.
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