My Personal Leadership Development Goals

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A mindmap of how I plan to improve and execute on my personal leadership development goals.

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My Personal Leadership Development Goals
    1. Academically
      1. Maintain a minimum 80% average throughout university
        1. Establish good relationship with peers and professors
          1. Be on Dean's List all four years of undergrad
            1. Continue onto postsecondary schooling; MBA, or Law School
              1. Be an active and involved student at Odette
      2. As a leader
        1. Engage in meaningful conversations and relationships
          1. Listen to everyone's opinons and suggestions
            1. Seek every opportunity to help others when I can
              1. Each day, think of something I could have done better or differently
        2. Spiritually
          1. Take at least 15 minutes a day to meditate
            1. Attending mass at least once a month
              1. Say a prayer before bed every night
                1. Take 20 minutes to reflect on my day
        3. MEASURABLE
          1. By happiness
            1. Waking up excited for the day ahead
              1. Looking for the positive even in problematic situations
                1. Being satisfied with myself and my abilities
                  1. Being around people that make me smile
                    1. Spreading laugher, joy, and goodness
            2. By feedback
              1. What constructive criticism do I receive?
                1. Do my friends think I am being a good friend, and good mentor?
                  1. Is my family proud of my actions?
                    1. My grades in school are representative of my efforts
              2. By impactfulness
                1. Changing local and global community
                  1. Making at least one person smile each day
                    1. Creating strong long-lasting relationships
                      1. Inspiring others
              3. ATTAINABLE
                1. Achievable with my skills
                  1. Motivate me to better myself
                    1. Considerate of reality
                      1. Push me to work at best
                        1. Unique and special to me
                          1. Do not discourage me
                            1. Boost my confidence
                2. RESULTS
                  1. Excelling in school
                    1. Being a loving, caring person
                      1. Making a positive impact in our world
                        1. Being a successful in my future career as a lawyer or acountant
                          1. Being an ambassador for goodwill
                            1. Constantly developing myself and growing
                              1. Learning something new each day
                                1. Accomplishing all my personal goals, and leadership goals
                                  1. Giving a wholehearted effort
                  2. TIME-BOUND
                    1. Today
                      1. Tomorrow
                        1. In a week
                          1. In a month
                            1. In a year
                              1. By graduation
                                1. Long-tem
                                  1. Short-term
                                    1. Before I die
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