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Assess the significance of Stalin for the Russian people 1917-1941


Mind Map on Assess the significance of Stalin for the Russian people 1917-1941, created by Azhar Hussain on 30/10/2015.
Azhar Hussain
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Azhar Hussain
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Assess the significance of Stalin for the Russian people 1917-1941
  1. Width of impact
    1. How many people, groups or institution were affected?
      1. 40,000 churches and 25,000 mosque shutdown
        1. Atheist group-5.5 million
          1. 94% in towns can read and write
          2. Which different types of people we're affect?
            1. Family
              1. Weaken families
                1. Wedding rings were abolished
                  1. Abortion available
                    1. 154,000 for every 57,000 live births
                  2. Divorce and marriages
                  3. Religion
                    1. Worship Stalin
                      1. Bells and religious clothing were removed
                        1. Leaders were arrested
                        2. Education
                          1. Strict rules
                          2. Culture and censorship
                          3. Were different parts of the country affected in the same way?
                          4. Depth of impact
                            1. How deeply were people's lives, beliefs and attitudes affected?
                              1. Dull environment, restricted rights
                                1. Religious beliefs were distrupted
                                2. For how long were people affected? How important was it to people
                                  1. From the rise of communism but took effect when Stalin was in charge
                                  2. How powerful was the impact? What kind of reaction was caused?
                                    1. Changed people's life's
                                      1. Appalling human cost, secret police, wages fell + few consumers
                                      2. 5 yr plan impact
                                        1. Poorly organised-inefficiency, duplication of effort and waste
                                        2. Collectivisation
                                          1. Purges
                                            1. Examples of purges
                                              1. Great terror
                                            2. How far was it remarked on by people at the time?
                                              1. The states on the food production caused starvation
                                            3. Nature of impact
                                              1. Was the effect beneficial, unique, expected and ionic?
                                                1. postive or negative to the people?
                                                  1. the cult of stalin
                                                    1. Stlins reputation
                                                      1. propergander newspapers
                                                      2. the state of the NEP economy
                                                        1. Stalins motive in launching rapid economic change
                                                      3. Consider change and continuity
                                                        1. churches
                                                          1. industrial workers
                                                            1. slave workers
                                                            2. purges and the terror
                                                              1. stalins involvment
                                                              2. nature of the groups
                                                                1. changes from 1917-1941
                                                                  1. industrilsations
                                                                    1. graphs
                                                                  2. Whether there was a long term effect or not?
                                                                    1. Stalins reputation
                                                                      1. the impact of Stalinism on ideology, culture and society
                                                                      2. siginfcance before he was in power
                                                                        1. how he rose to power
                                                                        2. the effect on that child giving the flower to him
                                                                      3. Introduction and conclusion
                                                                        1. Background of Stalin and his rise to power
                                                                          1. Give you opinion of Stalin with backed up eivdence
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