American vs. Japanese Business

Jenna Zhang
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American vs. Japanese Business
  1. Purposes
    1. American
      1. To generate profit
        1. To provide personal satisfaction
          1. To stabilize the business itself as it expands
            1. To generate employee satisfaction
              1. To generate consumer satisfaction
              2. Japanese
                1. To generate profit
                    1. To stay organized and competitve
                  1. Relationship between managers and workers
                    1. American
                      1. Boss must work hard to gain respect and favor of his worker
                        1. Democratic way of running a business
                        2. Japanese
                          1. Boss tends to be the teacher
                            1. Boss tends to be the one who gives instructions
                          2. Working Efficiency/productivity
                            1. American
                                1. Flexible productivity achieved by correctly managing human resources
                                2. Japanese
                                  1. both work towards high efficiency
                                    1. Exceptional productivity due to insane working
                                  2. perspective of a business
                                    1. American
                                      1. Working for personal satisfactions
                                        1. Working for generation of income
                                          1. a business is just a part of one's life
                                            1. Japanese
                                              1. Company is everything
                                                1. Leaders must not fail others' expectations
                                                  1. A worker must work hard to build a strong base for the company
                                                    1. workers must acquire teamwork
                                                      1. Each one must be independent while completing tasks
                                                    2. Product Quality
                                                      1. American
                                                        1. High, but may have some imperfections
                                                        2. Japanese
                                                          1. High, but some may result vulnerable due to the lack of capital resources
                                                        3. Cultural differences
                                                          1. American
                                                            1. Handshakes and smiles to express friendliness
                                                              1. boss must encourage workers
                                                                1. straight to the topic
                                                                2. Japanese
                                                                  1. Business cards and bows to express respect for others
                                                                    1. Serious expressions to gain respect
                                                                      1. sometimes starts with small things
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