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Deviant Identity


Seven stages of Deviant Identity
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Deviant Identity
  1. 7 Stages of Deviant Identity
    1. Getting Caught and Publicly Identified: Labeled
      1. Retrospective Interpretation: Being seen in a different light
        1. Spoiled Identity: Regaining Reputation
          1. Internalization of the Label: Looking glass self
            1. Inclusion:Repelling or Attractive
              1. Treated Diffently: negative View
                1. Exclusion: Excluded social groups
                2. Deviance
                  1. Primary:Unrecognized acts (Avoids being labeled as deviant)
                    1. Secondary: Deviant acts of one are reacted to by others. (Role Engulfment)
                      1. Tertiary:Identity Embracement (Strongly identify with their deviance)
                      2. Excuses Vs Justifications
                        1. Excuses
                          1. Deny full responsibility:Appeals to accidents:Appeals to defeasibility: Appeals to innate:Scapegoating
                          2. Justification:Denial of responsibility-Denial of injury-Denial of victim-Appeal to higher loyalties-Condemnation of the condemners
                            1. Blaming the victim: denial of actions or consequences: Convincing other that the victim deserved it
                          3. Stigma
                            1. Discreditable:Easily concealable deviant traits (Avoid Stigma)
                              1. Discredited: Those who have revealed their deviance or who cannot hide it
                                1. Criminal Record:Identified as deviant
                                  1. Post-incarceration:Condemnation of the codemners: Replacement self: Slip-ups
                                  2. Status Cues
                                    1. Recognizing and Placing comprise internal component: Identity change process involves external and internal elements
                                      1. Active:Communicated through interaction
                                        1. Passive:Requires individual to inform themselves about their relevance
                                        2. Rape
                                          1. Women as Seductresses: Made sexual advances: lured into sexual action
                                            1. No Means Yes:Unwilling at first but did not show enough resistance
                                              1. Relaxed and Enjoyed it:During the rape the victim started to enjoy it
                                                1. Minor wrongdoing: Discredit and blame the victim: Guilty to lesser charge
                                                  1. Nice Girls don't get raped: Victim got what she deserved therefore not rape
                                                  2. Identity Negotation
                                                    1. Eating Disorders:Conformist in their strong commitment to other conventional norms.
                                                      1. Bi/multiracial persons:Identity work
                                                        1. Bisexual/gay:Rejecting heterosexual and homosexual
                                                          1. Lesbian Individuals
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