Great Expectations

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The is a summary of the chapters 1 to 17 in great expectations with a few quotes.

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Great Expectations
  1. Chapter 1
    1. Pip, an orphan being brought up by his sister, goes to the graveyard to visit his parents and sibling tombstones. Suddenly, convict with manacles on his leg frightens Pip. The convict questions Pip and demands Pip to bring him a file and food.
      1. "fancies"
        1. "bleak"
          1. "marsh country"
            1. "sir"
              1. "powerfully"
              2. "dark flat wilderness"
                1. "I never saw my father or my mother"
                2. "frightened"
                  1. "small bundle of shivers"
                3. Chapters 2 & 3
                  1. Pip runs home and is informed by Joe that Mrs. Joe is looking for him. Mrs. Joe returns demanding where Pip has been. During dinner, Pip hides his food to give the convict. Pip wakes up at sunrise and takes the convict some food and drink and a file. On his way to the Battery Pip sees a convict sleeping, he taps on the convicts shoulder. The convict runs into the mist. Pip proceeds to the Battery and gives the first convict the food and the file. He asks the convict if he is not going to share with his companion. The convict asks Pip the direction to which the second convict had gone. Pip hurries back home.
                    1. "by hand"
                      1. "redness of skin"
                        1. "fair man"
                          1. "jammed"
                            1. "terror"
                          2. Chapters 4 & 5
                            1. Mrs. Joe is busily cleaning, getting ready for the holiday dinner while Joe and Pip try to stay out of her way. Its Christmas Day, Pip and Joe go to church where Pip feels like confessing, but doesn't. After church the guests arrive, and Pip is constantly worried that the theft will be discovered. During the dinner, Pip is compared to a swine and reminded how grateful he should be to his sister for his upbringing. Finally, Mrs.Joe offers for some pork pie, and Pip has to grab on to the table leg to stop trembling. Terrified, he runs for the door, but smashes into a party of soldiers. Pip assumes the soldiers are here to arrest him, but actually they were here for the blacksmith to fix the handcuffs. After the handcuffs are repaired Mr. Wopsle, Joe and Pip go with soldiers to find the two missing convicts. Hearing shouts, the soldiers ran towards it to find two convicts fighting in a ditch. Once the convicts are stopped and are soon taken to the Hulks.
                            2. Chapters 6 & 7
                              1. One year later. Pip attends Mr. Wopsle's great-aunts evening school, it is Biddy (Pip classmate) that teaches him and other children how to read and write. Joe and Pip sit by the hearth and Pip writes Joe a letter. Joe is impressed with Pips letter and praises him. Pip finds out why Joe is really with Mrs Joe and about his childhood. Also the reason why he took the responsibility of Pip, which makes Pip cry. When Pip and Joe return home they are told that Miss Havisham is looking for a boy to come and play. So Mrs. Joe cleans Pip and sends him off with Mr. Pumblchook in his best attair, and is told he will be going to Miss Havishams the next morning.
                              2. Chapters 8 &9
                                1. After breakfast the next morning, Mr. Pumblechook sternly questions Pip on multiplication problems. He is taken to Satis house, where a girl appears to open the gate. She is rude to Mr. Pumblechook and sends him away. Pip is lead to a door where is offers Estella to go in, but sherefuses and walks away. Pip opens the door to a skeletal old woman, wearing a yellowing wedding dress, surrounded by clocks stopped at twenty minutes to nine. Miss Havisham orders Pip to play cards with Estella. Estella insults Pips social class and his unrefined manners. He is told to come back. Pip cries as he leaves Satis House. When he returns home, he lies to Joe, Mrs. Joe and Pumblechook about the Satis House being a nice place. He feels guilty for telling Joe a lie so he tell him the truth. Joe advises Pip to take the honest road from now on. But that night he wonders how Estella pictured him and how he wants her to like him.
                                2. Chapters 10 & 11
                                  1. Pip continues to suffer through his schooling, but has a new desire to improve his learning so he gets Biddy to give him extra lessons. Later that day when Pip goes to pub to bring Joe home, he notices the strange man sitting with Joe and Mr. Wopsle was stirring with the file Pip had stolen to give the convict. The stranger gives Pip two pounds, which Pip later gives to Mrs. Joe. He constantly worries that his aid to the convict will be discovered. Pip is taken back to Miss Havisham's, where he is paraded in front of insincere relatives visiting for Miss Havisham's birthday. He again plays cards with Estella, then goes to the garden, where he is challenged to fight a pale young boy. Pip wins the fight, which earns him the permission to kiss Estella on the cheek. He returns home ashamed that Estella looks down on him.
                                  2. Chapters 12 &13
                                    1. The incident from the previous night goes unmentioned during the next visit. He continues to go to Miss Havishams regularly for the next several months, helping Miss Havisham, hoping that she will raise him from his low social class. Pip is so wrapped up in his hopes that he doesn't notice that Miss Havisham encourages Estella to break Pips heart. Pip gradually grows apart from his family, confiding with Biddy instead of Joe and feels ashamed that Joe is so 'common'. One day Miss Havisham offers to help with the papers that would officially make Pip Joe's apprentice, and Pip is devastated to find out that she never meant to make Pip a gentleman. Joe visits Satis House with Pip to complete Pips apprenticeship papers. With his rough speech and crude appearance, Joe seems horridly out of place in the mansion. Estella laughs at him and at Pip. Miss Havisham gives Pip a gift of twenty-five pounds. Pip is angry and disappointed how his life turned out.
                                    2. Chapters 14 & 15
                                      1. Time passes as Pip begins working in Joe's forge; the boy slowly becomes adolescent. He hates working as Joe's apprentice, but out of consideration for Joe's goodness, he keeps his feelings to himself. As he works, he thinks of Estella's face mocking him in the forge, and he longs for Satis House. Pip still tries to improve and expand his knowledge, and on Sundays he also tries to teach Joe to read. One Sunday, Pip persuades Joe that he needs to meet Miss Havisham, but Joe advises him to stay away. Dolge Orlick (Joe's forge worker) makes Pips less pleasant. Orlick would frighten Pip when he was younger with stories about devils.One day Mrs. Joe complains about Orlick taking a holiday and both of them start shouting. Joe defeats Orlick in a fight, Mrs. Joe faints in excitement. Pip visits Miss Havisham and learns that Estella has been sent abroad.He then spends time with Mr. Wopsle and Pumblechook that evening reading a play.
                                        1. When he arrives home, he learns that Mrs. Joe has been attacked hard on the head.
                                      2. Chapters 16 & 17
                                        1. Pip's old guilt resurfaces when he learns that convicts with leg irons are suspected to attack his sister.The detectives that come from London are useless and only say what already has been said. Mrs. Joe who now not able to speak, begins to draw the letter 'T' on her slate over and over, which PIp realises represents a hammer. From this, Biddy collects that she is referring to Orlick. Orlick is called in to see Mrs. Joe, and Pip expects her to accuse him of her attacker. Instead, she seems eager to please Orlick and often calls him by drawing a 'T' on her slate. Biddy moves in to help nurse Mrs. Joe. Pip visits Satis House again and notices how bleak it is without Estella. He walks with Biddy, he tells her his secret love for Estella. When Biddy advises him to stay away from Estella, Pip gets angry with her, but he still becomes jealous when Orlick begins trying to flirt with her.
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