Inside Bacteria

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inside bacteria

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Inside Bacteria
  1. Electron microscope
    1. Uses a beam of electrons to magnify specimens x 2,000,000
      1. Produces very clear images
        1. Helps us discover the detailed structure of cells
          1. Bacteria doesn't have nuclei
        2. Bacterial cells
          1. Contain two types of DNA; Plasmid DNA & Chromosomal DNA
            1. Plasmid DNA comes in small loops and carries extra information
              1. Chromosomal DNA is a giant loop of DNA containing most genetic material
            2. Has a cell wall but is different to plants
              1. More flexible and is not made of cellulose
              2. Contains flagella on outside of cell
                1. Whip-like structure that bacteria use to carry themselves along
                  1. Not all bacteria contain flagella
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