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  1. Is
    1. self-regulation integrated in business mode
      1. based on "good business for a good society today and tomorrow"
        1. how companies earn their profits
        2. Benefits
          1. Better image
            1. Consumers
              1. Investors
                1. Partners
                2. Saving money
                  1. Employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention
                    1. Eco-efficiency
                    2. Examples
                      1. Google
                        1. Google Green
                          1. Google China Social Innovation Cup
                            1. Google Giving
                              1. Supporting Earthquake Relief Efforts
                                1. Google try to help and support tech entrepreneurs in their goal to solve world’s biggest problems in innovative ways. Moreover, they are using resources efficiently and support renewable power.
                                2. McDonalds
                                  1. Invests in agricultural industry


                                    • Not only helps agricultural sector, but improves the quality of products used in McDonalds food
                                    1. Statement on climate changes


                                      • McDonalds is constantly improving the energy efficiency of their restaurants; working with their suppliers to source their raw materials sustainably. From my point of view, they really want to look like eco-friendy company.
                                      1. Working on improving their food


                                        • They feel the responsibility for their clients, so they use natural ingridients, less salt/pepper and make their food nutritious.
                                        1. Recycling
                                          1. Promoting positive workplaces and human rights
                                            1. Providing good life for their animals
                                              1. Mcdonalds care about products they use, their customers, environment and their workforce. I was impressed with their CSR policy
                                            2. Reasons
                                              1. Laws
                                                1. Resources shortage
                                                  1. Social and environmental concerns
                                                    1. Increasing role of copmanies
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