Ellie's Story Written By: W. Bruce Cameron

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This is a really good book! You should go get it and read it today. I loved it!

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Ellie's Story Written By: W. Bruce Cameron
1 Conflict
1.1 Conflict/Problem: Ellie's handlers Jakob and Maya are lost in life. Ellie needs to find a way to find them and get them head back on the right path.
1.2 Cause: Jakob is widowed and needs to find something that will make him happy again, and Maya is loenly and is in need of someone to keep her company.
2 Theme
2.1 Message/Theme: Find something that makes you happy in life and stick to it.
2.2 How it is brought out in the book: Jakob and Maya, Ellie's handlers are working on finding something that makes them happy. They use a little help from Ellie to find them.
3 Setting
3.1 Time: Present Day
3.2 Place Location: A suburb of a big city.
4 Characters
4.1 Name: Ellie
4.1.1 Very Brave
4.1.2 Search and Rescue Dog
4.2 Jakob
4.2.1 Ellie's First handler
4.2.2 Helpful and smart
4.3 Maya
4.3.1 Ellie's second handler
4.3.2 Nice and kind
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