Q2BP Logan Fitzpatrick Kick

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Q2BP for 7th grade

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Q2BP Logan Fitzpatrick Kick
  1. Main Conflict
    1. Kevin kidnapped a girl in a stolen vichle then was driving under age and crashed the car.
      1. Kevin is in big trouble
      2. Theme
        1. If you do something your not supposed to do then you may get in trouble
          1. Kevin broke a lot of laws and he ended up getting punished for doing it
          2. Setting
            1. 2011
              1. Place/location- Bedford
              2. Characters
                1. Kevin
                  1. caring
                    1. deliberate
                    2. Carolyn
                      1. interested
                        1. thoughtful
                        2. Sergent brown
                          1. tough
                            1. smart
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