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Getting to yes


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Getting to yes
  1. Don´t bargain over postion
    1. Position bargaining
      1. shop keeper vs coustumer
        1. Look for 3 thing: Wise agreement, improve relation and efficent agreement
          1. Position bargaining fails to the these 3
            1. Positon bargainers they lock themselves (Ego)
              1. Examples
                1. USA vs Soviet Union
                  1. Oil company vs Farmers in Iran
                    1. You have to look por a solution carefully cradted to meet the interest of both partys
                      1. good agreement its possible
                        1. positional bargainig affect relations
                          1. with many partys positional bargainig its worst
                            1. Being a NICE negotiator is no answer
                              1. SOFT
                                1. Friends
                                  1. look for an agreement
                                    1. Trust
                                      1. yield with pressure
                                        1. soft on the people and the problem
                                          1. make concessions
                                2. HARD
                                  1. Adversaris
                                    1. Loof for your Victory
                                      1. Distrust
                                        1. apply pressure
                                          1. hard on people and the problem
                                            1. Demand Concessions
      2. Separate the people from the problem
        1. Focus on the people not the problem
          1. Negotiators are human being
            1. Emotions affect their perception
              1. Smoother/Sensitive
                1. Angry/Frustrated
                  1. Am I paying enough attention to the people problem?
                    1. Negotiator Looks for 2 things
                      1. benefits
                        1. Mantain Relation
                          1. Understan people don´t change them
                            1. 3 problems every person has negotiating
                              1. Perception
                                1. Understand their thinking
                                  1. Difference between
                                    1. How he sees
                                      1. How you see it
                                      2. Empathy
                                        1. Their point of view
                                          1. How hard they believe in it
                                            1. Don´t mix your fears with their intentions
                                              1. Send a different message than they expect
                                                1. Make sure they participate
                                        2. Emotions
                                          1. What is produciong this emotions?
                                            1. Desire to make your own opinion
                                              1. Desire to be recognized
                                                1. Affiliation
                                                  1. Role
                                                    1. Status
                                                      1. NEGATIVE EMOTIONS
                                                        1. Take note of them
                                                          1. Don´t react
                                          2. Communication
                                            1. Not easy to undestand each other
                                              1. Misunderstanding
                                                1. Other side most of the time will hear something different
                                                  1. People don´t pay attention
                                                    1. Lincoln: "2/3 of my brain think about what they´re going to say..."
                                                      1. Listen actively and acknowledge
                                                        1. ask: Did I undestand correctly?
                                                          1. Let them know they have been heard
                                                            1. Understanding isn´t agreeing
                                                              1. Know where you´re going
                                      3. Don´t:
                                        1. Take it pesonally
                                          1. Be angry with the person related to the problem
                                2. Focus on interest no positions
                                  1. Position are meant to achieve interest
                                    1. Not the Same
                                      1. Figure out theirs
                                        1. Find ways to satisfy both
                                          1. Ask: WHY?
                                            1. Important Facts
                                              1. What they will think about your position
                                                1. Whether it will set a precedent
                                                  1. Short/Long term
                                                    1. Meet their basic Need/ Monroe´s Pyramid
                                                      1. Multiple Interests
                                                        1. All sides are aware
                                                          1. Commit yourself to their interest and don´t sacrifice yours
                                  2. Invent options for mutual gain
                                    1. One must win and the other lose
                                      1. 4 obstacles
                                        1. 1. Premature Judgment
                                          1. 2. Assumption that there only one solution
                                            1. 3. There is no way for mutual benefit
                                              1. 4. The other side is responsable for your problems
                                                1. Creative Solutions
                                                  1. Brainstorm
                                                    1. NO criticism - Rule
                                                      1. Identify the best options
                                                        1. Use the circle chart
                                                          1. Look for common groubd abd common interest
                                    2. Insist on Using an objective criteria
                                      1. Reach agreement based on principles
                                        1. Agree on the before hand
                                          1. Don´t give into the pressure ot threats
                                            1. Insist of being Fair
                                              1. Ask
                                                1. What are their principles
                                                  1. Why did they get to that conclussion?
                                                    1. Fair standars
                                                      1. Socially accepted
                                                        1. Scientific prove
                                                          1. Take turns talking
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