Darkness Into Light

Luke Bryan
Mind Map by , created about 4 years ago

Mind Map on Darkness Into Light, created by Luke Bryan on 11/03/2015.

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Luke Bryan
Created by Luke Bryan about 4 years ago
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Darkness Into Light
1 Intro
1.1 Long Bass Notes
1.1.1 Weird False Harmonics
1.1.2 Drop D Slide
1.2 Flute
1.2.1 High Sustained notes
1.3 Clarinet
1.3.1 Dissonant with Flutes
1.4 Trombone
1.4.1 Short Sharp Notes
1.4.2 Wah Mute
1.5 Slow Tempo
1.5.1 5/4
1.6 A Section
1.6.1 Ground Bass
1.6.2 Uber Quite Clarinet Spooky Melody "Babadook Main Theme*
1.6.3 Flutes Join, octave higher Must Sound like nails on a blackboard
1.6.4 Ominiously Dark Mega Crescendo at end of section Suspensions Decending Whole Tone Scale Ends on the Relative Major Note
1.6.5 Trombone triplet rhythm Still Muted
1.6.6 3/4
1.6.7 B Section
1.6.8 B section Relative Major Arpegiated Flutes Fluttering but not too sunny Grand Trombone Melody Bb Clarinet on Counter Melody Harmonises "dawn chorus 365 million years ago" Bass Drops out Joins in at end to link section B with C Ground Bass Returns 4/4 Mezzo Forte Trom and Flute Duet C section Forte 4/4 Modulates to the Dominant? Bass Guitar plays long low chords chords Bb Clarinet + Flutes take melody 4 phrases "rising" shape Grand Trombone Sound D Section Major Tonic All Instruments Forte Flutes and Clarinets in octaves Bass and Trombone in Unison "land of hope and glory" feel 3/4 Split into two sub sections Da Happy loud theme Repeated Twice Db (coda) Similar ending to "The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra" Finishes with long overlapping suspensions Trombone refers back to the "evil theme" from section As Melody
2 Through-Composed
2.1 Opposite of Strophic. When new music occurs for each 
verse, changing to reflect different moods or situations described
2.1.1 Tells a Story
3 Instruments
3.1 Flute 1
3.2 Flute 2
3.3 Bb Clarinet
3.4 Trombone
3.5 Bass Guitar