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summery of functionalism

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  1. consensus theory
    1. Societies work best when their members agree on the fundamental principles of how society should be organised
      1. There are shared norms and values
        1. Social life can become more predictable. Creates social order in society
        2. Emile Durkheim
          1. Memebers of society need to feel a sense of social solidarity
            1. Society is separate from members
              1. Individual behaveiour is created by 'social facts' passed on by socialisation
              2. Large modern societies are put at risk as people could loser their sense of belonging
              3. Talcott Parsons
                1. Socialisation is important in creating a calue consensus
                  1. Society is made up of separate but linked institutions that work in harmony
                    1. transmits shhared norms and values between different generations
                      1. Society has 4 essential needs (perequisites) required to keep the system going
                        1. G- goal attainment- institution put in place that makes sure society has the same goals and organises them.
                          1. government and political systems
                          2. A- adaptation- institutions put in place to support individuals to reach the goal society has set and to adapt to the environment.
                            1. economy
                            2. I- integration- institutions that help to unify all the other parts of society.
                              1. religion
                              2. L- latency and pattern- institutions that help to pass on shared culture of society.
                                1. family
                            3. organic analogy
                              1. society is like an organism in that it is made up of different organs, these represent the different insitutions.
                                1. Each institution is connected to the others.
                                  1. each institution performs one or a number of essential functions
                                    1. like an organism, if they don't all perform their function society will collapse and die unless the other institutions take over the functions of the one not preforming
                                    2. evaluation
                                      1. strengths
                                        1. highlights how societies tend to operate more effectively when people can agree and co operate
                                          1. stresses the importance of socialisation.
                                            1. shows the importance of family.
                                              1. it explains how the institutions are interlinked with each other and impact one another.
                                              2. weaknesses
                                                1. fails to explain conflict within society.
                                                  1. assumes that society operates for everyones benefit.
                                                    1. ignores the dark side of family life (violence, child abuse)
                                                      1. doesn't examine power inequalities.
                                                        1. does not account for deviant behaviour.
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