Congressional Leadership

Kristbell Aguila
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Kristbell Aguila
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Mind Map on Congressional Leadership, created by Kristbell Aguila on 11/03/2015.

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Congressional Leadership
  1. House of Representatives
    1. Republican Party
      1. Paul Ryan- Republican leader
        1. He is the head of the house . He takes role of the representative role of an elected member of the house, he is an officer and administrative of the house and the leader of the majority party
        2. Majority Leader- Kevin McCarhy
          1. Minority Whip- Steve ScULISE
          2. Democratic Party
            1. Minority Leader- Nancy Relosi
              1. Majority Whip- Stany Hayer
              2. The Speaker is the most powerful in the party.
                1. Scheduling/ rules is controlled by majority party with powerful rules committee
                2. Senate
                  1. Republican Party
                    1. Majority Whip- John Cornyn
                    2. Democratic Party
                      1. President- Joe Biden
                        1. Minority Whip- Richard Durbin
                          1. Majority Leader- Harry Reid
                          2. President of the Senate- Orin Hatch
                            1. Majority leader- Mitch McConnell
                              1. Scheduling/rules agreed to by majority and minority leaders
                                1. The majority leader is the most powerful in the house.
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