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Ghana Political Structure, Religion, and Fall


Mind map of the Kingdom of Ghana's Political Structure, Religious Effects, and Decline
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Ghana Political Structure, Religion, and Fall
  1. Political Structure
    1. power of the king
      1. ruled over everyone
        1. lots of riches/gold
          1. calls army
          2. army of 200,000 men & 40,000 archers
            1. use iron spears
              1. iron = tech!
                1. wow such Song Dynasty!
          3. The Effects of religion on the kingdom of Ghana
            1. Local (king's) religion
              1. paganism
                1. worship of idols
                  1. others who have same religion
                    1. fall on knees and sprinkle dust on their head to greet king
                  2. Islam
                    1. attackers tried to convert Ghana's people to Islam
                      1. Muslims greet king by clapping their hands
                        1. mosques
                      2. Decline and Fall of the kingdom of Ghana
                        1. invaders
                          1. Muslim raiders attacked area across empire
                            1. main goal: convert as many people to Islam as possible
                              1. also wanted control of salt-gold trade
                              2. small provinces began to secede to form their own kingdoms
                                1. eventually empire broke into smaller states
                              3. drought
                                1. people began to move out of area in search of a better area to live
                                  1. not a good place to live anymore
                                    1. not as safe
                                    2. around same time Muslims invaded
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