High Levels of Funds for Family Units in rural agriculture in Lao

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This is the roots portion of the objectives tree for the Lao Youth project.

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Low Levels of Funds For Family Units in rural agriculture in Lao
Low Levels of Funds For Family Units in agriculture in Lao
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High Levels of Funds for Family Units in rural agriculture in Lao
1 Low levels of Debt
1.1 Low Levels of Whiskey Consumption using borrowed money
1.2 Surplus of Rice
1.3 Low Health Care Costs
1.3.1 Low levels of chronic/serious illness and diseases
2 Increased Levels of Income
2.1 Distance to Market is manageable to travel
2.1.1 Improved road Conditions
2.2 High Levels of Agricultural Production
2.2.1 Sufficient amounts of rice and crops planted Substantial production area High levels of labor available Improved health of people involved in labor High levels of solidarity within families Low levels of youth migration High levels of confidence in local employment opprtunities
2.2.2 Sufficient amount of livestock Low levels of animal death
2.2.3 High rice yield Sufficient amounts of draught animals to assist in agriculture Low levels of pests attacking crops High amounts of available pest control/ pesticides Low Levels of Lateness in working fields Commitment to small scale agriculture High levels of farmer solidarity Low levels of hopelessness among youth Abundant Services from government departments High levels of understanding in gov of what rural youth need High Emphasis on rural youth in gov departments Low levels of irregular rainfall High levels of appropriate rice field land
2.3 Increased employment opportunities within commercial agriculture
2.3.1 High levels of knowledge pertaining to modern agriculture methods Sufficient and adequate vocational training about agriculture High education level for basic skills that can support farmers Access to non formal agriculture education
2.3.2 Access to finance to modernize/ develop land and tools Adequate Access to microfinance Government support for microfinance/ other financial instruments Abundent community funds to support ag borrowing High levels of understanding/participation in already existing funding programs In depth understanding of application process/requirements Application process simplified

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